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blast chiller for food and drink

Abbattitore di cibi e bevande per la cucina

In the Foster appliance line we have included the rapid blast chiller designed for domestic use with an essential design available in the built-in version and in the free-standing version. Our blast chiller allows you to quickly chill the products after cooking, to freeze and defrost in a short time and in a controlled way, to cook meat and fish at low temperature, to leaven bread, pizza and focaccia, to find the dish ready and hot to serve, to keep at the ideal temperature, to refresh wine and drinks.
Made entirely of stainless steel, it has a probe for the correct detection of the internal temperature of the food and an intuitive soft touch control panel. The Foster multifunction blast chiller is a tool capable of blocking the virtues of food at its best moment, and of keeping them intact over time. Taste, vitamins, color, consistency, can cross the boundaries of space and time to finally be always usable at best.